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Bisnode Consumer Intelligence

A JSON REST API for searching Bisnode's person databases for the nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden). We recommend you view this specification with Swagger UI, e.g. by copying and pasting it into [Swagger Editor](http://editor.swagger.io/) # API usage ## Search The purpose of the search function is to deliver a list of person candidates, where one of them is the target customer. The data provided in the result set aims to be sufficient for a human being to identify the customer. ## Get by ID The purpose of get by ID is to deliver all data required by the client to perform smart marketing campaigns. The data returned here is typically a larger set than what is returned from a search request. ## Global Entity Data Identifier (GEDI) A Bisnode GEDI is the official way to identify an entity, in this case a person, in Bisnode's systems. Since we are in the early stages of Bisnode Customer Intelligence rollout please note: * Clients shall not assume that the returned GEDI string in the search results is unique; for all persons not yet assigned a GEDI this is set to "UNKNOWN". However, each returned result that actually has an assigned GEDI should be unique. * The GEDI can change over time, using the same mechanism for changes as other person metadata. ## Expectations on the client's system Clients of the API are expected to store the GEDI to be able to retrieve the additional and/or updated data on the person record. We also recommend you store the lastModified timestamp associated with each person record.