Beneficial ownership identification

Bisnode's new service for identifying beneficial owners presents: 

  • Owners (direct) of companies entered in The Register of Business Enterprises

  • Private individuals who control more than 25% (independent of share ownership)

  • Close relations between owners, private individuals who control more than 25% and combinations of owners and private individuals who own more than 25% between them 

  • Reasons as to why they are considered to be beneficial owners or potential beneficial owners

Why have we made a new service? 

  • New Money Laundering Act in Norway entered into force 15.10.2018

  • Company structures can be complicated and difficult to get an overview of manually

  • Can be challenging to locate and calculate the potential beneficial owners based on control – across ownership, roles and directors – and even more so when close family members are involved

  • There does not exist a national register for beneficial owners in Norway (at present)

  • The present service is no longer compliant as it only lists beneficial owners (direct or indirect), and does not consider the 25%-in-all-levels rule


Key Features


  • Basic information such as organisation number, owners, owner percentage, chairman, board members, managing director and entry date

  • Signatory power and procuration 

  • NACE code/activity code

Private individuals: 

  • Customers with an agreement with EVRY: name, national identity number, address, citizenship and country code

  • Customers with an expanded agreement with EVRY: name, national identity number, address, citizenship, country code and close family members

  • Customers without an agreement with EVRY: name and date of birth 

Refer to Docs for more details

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Test companies with beneficial owners to use in Sandbox

Company name DUNS-no. 
Antilope 912345678
Blåbær 912344745
Uvær 912344737
Væren 912344740


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